Free mold flow software

SimMold 2012 Educational version available.

SimMold 2012 Educational can be downloaded at: SimMold 2012. This version is a reduced version of SimMold 2012 Professional. It is limited to 5000 nodes and triangular elements (parts with runners may render erroneous results). Recommended system is Windows XP and has been tested on Windows 7. Due to its very lightweight design and minimal dependency it can can also run on other systems such as Linux through the use of wine.

The SimMold 2012 Professional version has no limitations and no banner in graphics window. It also can be configured with other modules:
- opti: optimization of gate location and processing conditions
- flow2D: 2.5D flow analysis
- weld2D: 2.5 weld line and air trap analysis
- pack2D: 2.5D packing analysis
- cool2D: 2.5D cooling analysis
- warp2D: 2.5D shrinkage and warpage analysis
- flow3D: 3D flow analysis
- pack3D: 3D packing analysis
- cool3D: 3D cooling analysis
- warp3D: 3D shrinkage and warpage analysis