Injection Molding

SimMold is the ideal software to simulate the injection molding process. Two modules are available:

  • SimMold 2D - very efficient midplane/shell solver that can simulate very thin injection molded plastic parts,
  • SimMold 3D - an advanced three-dimensional solver which employs state-of-the-art numerical methods to simulate thicker injection molded parts.

SimMold 2D can import a midplane mesh from an external CAD/CAE application. This requires the user to build a midplane mesh. To generate the midplane model the following CAD systems are recommended:
  • I-deas,
  • Unigraphics NX,
  • TSV-Pre,
  • Hypermesh,
  • Ansys Mesher,
  • MSC Patran,
  • FEMAP.
Supported mesh formats:
  • Moldflow (*.mfl),
  • C-Mold (*.fem),
  • I-deas (*.unv),
  • Nastran (*.bdf),
  • Patran (*.pat),
  • Abaqus (*.inp),
  • Ansys (*.ans),
  • LS-dyna (*.dyn),
  • Gid (*.msh).

SimMold 2D can also import shell representation of the geometry files. In this case the user can simply export the solid geometry as an STL file. SimMold 2D is used for thin-walled parts and considers that the flow is mainly two-dimensional although the model can be three-dimensional.

SimMold 3D requires a three-dimensional mesh and is intended for the injection molding simulation of thick plastic parts. This type of analysis should be used when the flow of the polymer across thickness direction is significant. Using advanced FVM technology, the solid mesh can be hybrid made up by tetrahedral, hexahedral or prism elements.

SimMold has a built-in customizable material database.


Rapid Prototyping

SimSTL is an application to view and repair STL files for rapid prototyping. Main features:

  • View and repair model,
  • View statistics,
  • Powerful transform tools: scale, move, rotate and translate,
  • Remesh and optimize triangulation,
  • Reduce the number of facets in model (coarsen),
  • Fill holes and add facets,
  • Manually and automatically merge vertices,
  • Check for coincident facets and possible intersections,
  • Measure tools: location, length, radius, area and volume calculations,
  • Export as STL, VRML, DXF, C-Mold FEM, SDRC I-deas UNV, Aquaveo SMS 2DM.


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